Halcyon Eco

Instructions on how to use Hot Oil Tester

  • Inspect the system visually before each measurement. If any damage is visible, do not use the device. Only use the device in systems that are electrically tested on a regular basis.
  • Wear your personal protective equipment during each measurement to avoid injury.
  • To avoid burns, never touch the sensor or the metal shaft directly after the measurement as these parts can become very hot when they are immersed into hot oil.

Important notes to achieve the most accurate results

  • During the measurement, there should not be any fried food in the oil/fat. After taking out the fried items, wait at least 5 minutes before making a measurement.
  • If you would like to measure in an induction cooker, switch it off as its electromagnetic field can falsify the result.
  • Stir the oil/fat briefly with the device to ensure an even temperature.
  • Avoid direct contact with metal objects such as cooking pots or frying baskets as this can influence the measurement result. Minimum distance: 1 cm.
  • Replace the oil/fat when a PC value of 24 % is reached.

Press and release the on / off key to switch on the device.

  1. The temperature display will show “Lo”.
  2. The PC display will show “- – -“.
  3. Insert the sensor into the hot oil so that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum lines on the metal shaft.
  4. When the temperature indication flashes and shows “HI”, the oil/fat is too hot and exceeds the upper end of the measurement range of 200 °C.
  5. When the temperature indication flashes and shows “Lo”, the oil/fat is too cold and is below the lower end of the measurement range of 30 °C.
  6. When the PC indication flashes and shows “Lo,” the oil/fat used is not suitable to be tested with the Oil Tester

Interpretating Measured Values

Oil is new and good to use (LED Flashes in Green)0 …. 18.5%
Oil quality classified as critical (LED Flashes in BLUE)It is recommended to renew the oil partly or completely19 …. 24%
The oil in the fryer should no longer be used.The set threshold value (default setting:24% has been exceeded and the LED Flashed in red. The oil must be exchanged completel
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